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Trust in God

Trust in God is a drug-free vaccine against developing transgender imbalance. If you aren’t familiar with “transgender imbalance” and “transgender bodies,” please click here. A major goal of this website is to present an new approach to deal with transgender imbalance. The new approach can be examined by clicking here.

Another method to reduce transgender imbalance is to stop rewarding athletes for developing it. The fourth of the five concepts/goals in the law introduced in the following video allows the reward to be removed.

Allowing a “female” athlete who shows up in a male or transgender body to compete is rewarding that athlete for developing transgender imbalance. Disqualifying the athlete for being in the wrong body does just the opposite. In the recent past, Americans didn’t need a conflict resolution method to solve the conflict over how to deal with transgender imbalance in sports since there was no conflict. Now, the situation is something like the one shown below.

help not affirmation

America has become extremely divided. There is no longer agreement on issues such as abortion, marriage and even the definition of a female athlete. The law proposed in the video and the “Bus of Choice law” are part of an offense that will help heal this divide. More information on these laws can be found in the “How to help” link. Another part of the offense to heal the divide is to ask different questions. Different questions will change the conversation on abortion, transgender imbalance and same-sex behavior. To be able to ask these questions, new terms must be well-known. These new terms are:

  • transgender imbalance,
  • transgender bodies and
  • the “birthright” of God’s Inalienable Choice.

The definition of God’s Inalienable Choice can be found by clicking here. An example of a different question is illustrated below. 

Question on Trans Rights

Whether you did or didn’t receive the invitation to join an offense with four distinct goals, please click here before proceeding further.

Currently our organization isn’t set-up to ask for money but we can ask you to take the following actions to help achieve the goals in the invitation.

  1. Click here for the most important action to take.
  2. Click here for more examples of questions designed to change the conversation on abortion and transgender imbalance.
  3. Click here for more information on the “Reducing Transgender Imbalance Act.”
  4. Click here for more information on the “Bus of Choice Law.”
  5. Start a conversation among your fellow Christians concerning what the Christian moral code considers exercising proper personal responsibility with transgender imbalance. The starting point for this conversation is a suggested answer to a question in the “Rethinking our Approach” link which can be accessed by clicking here.

If you would like to help more individuals with “transgender imbalance” get the help they need and help more babies make it out of wombs alive, please take some of the actions listed above and on the “How to Help” link in the main menu. Also please pledge never to vote for a politician who refuses to answer the question in the following illustration. A proposed answer to the question can be accessed from the “Rethinking our Approach” web page as it is also a question which should be asked of all individuals who have developed transgender imbalance.

question on moral code